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From Brierley and the surrounding area

27 September 2000

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Disappointment for the Lifestyle Brigade

There was disappointment for the girls from the Lifestyle group who are holding events to raise cash to help make much needed improvements to the village of Brierley, Chloe Green, Romy Poole, Christy Riggot, Vicky Pearson and Lyndsey and Hannah McGrath held their second car boot sale on the Three Horse Shoes car park on Sunday, but were saddened by the poor attendance of both sellers and buyers especially from the local community. The girls have been given the go ahead to hold the event twice yearly. 55-00 was raised on the day bringing the total raised so far to well over 300-00, Judith Green, the adult in charge, spoke of the disappointment the girls felt when the turnout from the local community was so poor, but stated that they would not be deterred from attempting to improve the village. They are waiting for advice from the local councillors regarding spending the cash raised on planting trees for the millennium in derelict areas of the village



The Three Horse shoes pool team lost to Cobbys at Royston on Monday 5-1, Tony Whitelam winning for the Horse Shoes


Chris knocks 'em for six

Councillor Alex Vodden bided 75-00 for a cricket bat donated by Yorkshire County cricket club to take the total amount raised at the Harvest Festival in Brierley Social Club on Saturday to a magnificent 1115-00. The event was organised by the Mayor of Brierley Town Council Chris Sykes, whose sponsored charity during his year of office is the special baby care unit at Barnsley General Hospital. Councillor Vodden spoke of the hard work that Chris has put in over the years, and about the organisations who have benefited from his charity auctions including the St Johns Ambulance Brigade and others who rely on charitable donations to survive. The final figure should be boosted with a promise of a donation from R J B mining

A sample of the donations and bidding were as follows

Signed football shirt donated by Leeds United FC, bought by Sandra Talbot for 60-00. Brierley Colliery framed photograph donated by Brierley and its People in Photographs, bought by Graham Vodden for 40-00. Cuddly toy bought by Mick Rooke for 26-00. Autographed football donated by Barnsley FC, bought by Paul Barrow for 25-50. House of Commons whisky donated by Jeff Ennis MP, bought by Pat Doyle for 30-00. A picture painted by local artist David Horsfall was bought by Alex Vodden for 20-00. A genuine ladies top worn by actress Helen Worth who plays Gail Platt in Coronation Street was bought by Mary Niven for 5-00. A watch donated by the Football Association was bought by Ian Walker for 22-00. An autographed postcard sent by Dickie Bird was bought by Mrs Elsie Knight for 3-00. There was also cash donations amounting to 125-00, and Bob Grainger the ex manager of the Three Horse Shoes and Mick Rooke donated cash to round the figure up to the 1115-00 raised.


From Gary,

The exhibition was enjoyed so much that due to public demand, a further one may be planned a little nearer to Christmas in the village club, this will also give the people who missed Fridays event a chance to see it. May I take this opportunity to thank everyone who has loaned me photographs over the years, to Richard Watson and to John Steele, to the committee of Brierley Methodist Chapel, the tea ladies who kept us all going with their tasty refreshments, our M P Jeff Ennis, the Mayor of Barnsley councillor Arthur Whittaker, the Mayor of Brierley councillor Chris Sykes, to councillor Alex Vodden and to May Beaumont Schofield, to Debbie and Mandy at the Post office, to Gillian Picker from the Barnsley Chronicle, but most of all a big thank you to the people like the first visitor Albert Taylor, and to Colin Earl, Bernard Lucas, Mrs Edson, Mrs E J Burton, Mrs Swinbank, Dereck Barker, Ken and Sheila Elvidge, Malc and Pat Jackson, Sid Lawton, Alan and Michelle Beavers, Jayne Nunn, L Iveson, Mr and Mrs A Hobson, Mr and Mrs Gerry Talbot, Lynn Ryalls, Barbara Pearson, R and P Fewster, Rosy and Katy Conroy, Mrs E Cartwright, Sylvia Hawkins, L Semley, Nigel Crossland, Don Law, John and Hilary Draper, Eva Draper, Winifred Goulding, David Hardwick, Charlie and Mary Hall, Mr and Mrs Alex Dyson, Mr Bailey, H Simpson, E M Colley, S Robinson, K P Sheridan, R Schofield, M Smith, Joan Gomersall, Dereck Grimes, Jean Johnson, Edwin Hambleton, Ray and Avril Perry, Hilary Richardson, Annie Turner, Peter Lomas, Joe and Elsie Brazier, Ged Adam and Katie Firth to name but a few of the residents of Brierley, past and present, who took the time to visit the exhibition, and a special thank you to the volunteers who gave up their time to collect the information from you all, once again, I thank each and every one of you.

Villagers flock to see photographic display

It was an excellent turnout for the Brierley and its People in Photographs exhibition held at the Methodist chapel on Friday afternoon. 257 people passed through the doors to see one of the biggest, and best ever to date, exhibition of photographs of village life in Brierley from 1901 right through to the present day. The exhibition contained nearly 1000 photographs of which at least 600 were pre 1969, young and old mingled together in an atmosphere of both nostalgia and excitement, the only disappointing part of the event was that at certain times the room was so full, some people couldn't get access to the 25 albums on display as people clawed their way through time searching for any news or pictures of their ancestors. Ex Brierley folk from Cumbria, Leeds, Mapplewell South Kirkby, Walton, Cudworth, Oulton, Crofton, Kendray, Ackworth, Hemsworth, Shafton, Derby, Barugh Green, Bradford, Royston, Wakefield, Pontefract and Minsthorpe re visited their old roots to attend what is fast becoming one of the major attractions in the village. The volunteers, Hazel Devonport, Pat Goddard, Betty Ogley, June Asquith, Leala Asquith, Chloe Green, Judith Green and Ben Schofield played a first class part in the exhibition by collecting information on over fifty photographs adding a further eighty-five, previously unknown names to the collection, and Sylvia Nixon of the Acorn Centre's Arts and craft exhibition fame, added her expertise to the event by greeting the visitors at the door and making them feel welcome, visitors also brought along with them fifty-five photographs to add to future exhibitions. The event was also visited by the Mayor of Barnsley, councillor Arthur Whittaker, Town council Mayor Chris Sykes, local MP Jeff Ennis, councillor Alex Vodden and acting chairperson of the newly formed Brierley Community Partnership May Beaumont Schofield.


A selection of comments from the exhibition.


Trevor Limbert, Mapplewell: "Excellent, too much to take in, I'll come back".


Bernard Lucas, Brierley: "Very Interesting to look at, well done".


Michelle Beavers, Brierley: "Take out my picture and wait while I've got some make up on, Great show".


? , Brierley: "Brought back so many happy memories. ( Thanks ).


? , Brierley: "Please do it again ".


L. Iveson, Brierley: "Very interesting, informative, well done Gary".


Joan Fowler ( nee Steele), Crofton: "Nice to see some oldies".


Mr and Mrs A Hobson, Brierley: "Very interesting, nice to see old faces".


John Steele, South Hiendley: "Very interesting, see you next time".


Ken Elvidge, Brierley: "Something for everyone, brilliant"


Mr J Whittaker, Brierley: "Its good to have a day like this".


L. Armstrong, Brierley: "Very interesting, answered some questions".


Hilary Richardson, Derby: "Wonderful memories for the people of Brierley".


S Robinson, Grimethorpe: "Would be interested in photos of Grimethorpe".


Mrs Pat Jackson, Brierley: "Revisited, enjoyed it so much".


Michelle Beavers, Brierley: "Called again, enjoyed it so much".


The chapel funds were also boosted by 100-00 by way of donations, tea and biscuits and a raffle. The winning numbers for the raffle were:


1st; yellow 210.


2nd; yellow 238.


3rd; blue 224.


4th; yellow 141.


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