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Brierley is a small village near Barnsley in South Yorkshire England

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From Brierley and the surrounding area

13 September 2000

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South Yorkshire Police lifestyle

Romy Poole, Chloe Green, Christy Riggott, Vicky Pearson and Lyndsey and Hannah McGrath held a car boot sale, raffle and name the bear competition on the Three Horse Shoes car park recently and raised 162. A local businessman who doesn't want to be named, also donated a further 100 making 262 in total. The group hope to make it a regular fortnightly event and to include a barbecue and also in the near future hold a family day, The proceeds will go towards a project in helping tidying up Brierley. SEE EVENTS



The committee of Hillside Tara has decided to set up a majorette troupe with members welcome from all of Brierley. For more details contact Hazel Devonport


Hillside Tenants

The residents of Hillside will have to vote shortly, wether to hand over the tenancy of their properties to Springvale Housing



1000 safety covers have been donated by Yorkshire Electricity to the residents of the Brierley Ward for the safety of local children


Brierley Community Partnership

A unanimous decision by the people of Brierley to break away from the Grimethorpe Shafton and Brierley Community Partnership was taken on Tuesday night at a meeting at the Methodist Chapel. An excellent turnout decided that Brierley should form its own Independent Community Partnership in Brierley for the Brierley people. The general feeling of the meeting was that the Grimethorpe partnership was not doing enough for Brierley

Congratulations to Mr Edwin Hambleton and the Brierley Boys Brigade.

Yorkshire County Battalion competitions

For the past twelve months the boys from the Brigade have entered every event in the competition, and for the first time in their twenty three years history, came out on top, gaining more marks than any other company in the whole of Yorkshire County. The Junior section, made up of boys between seven and eleven year olds, competed in the team games which included five a side football, figure marching and a Bible and general knowledge quiz. They were placed first in two of the events and gained second and third place in the other two. The Company section competed in five a side football, Bible quiz ( which they won for the sixth year in succession ), drill, cross country, table tennis and chess. The Senior section gained first and second place in five a side football and table tennis respectively. Mr Mike Dixon the Yorkshire County Battalion president, presented the boys with the Battalion Shield at a parade service conducted by the Reverend Gill Newton at the Methodist chapel. Mr Dixon spoke of the ever boys ever increasing success over the last few years, and of his pleasure in presenting the shield to a small village company. Mr Hambleton would like to thank all the boys parents, church members and friends, whose support, he says, is a real source of encouragement to the Brigade


Summer school

The Methodist Chapel held a summer school week recently for 5 to 11 year olds. The children enjoyed games and singing, and a good time was had by all. Ernest Broome presented Lauren Pugh, Erica Hutley, Scott Lawton, Anna Good, John Lawton and Elizabeth Good with medals at the end of the week


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