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From Brierley and the surrounding area

13 December 2000

Local news stories index page

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Baipip exhibition

A group of volunteers have offered their services to collect any information about the photographs on show at the exhibition to be held in the Social club on Wednesday 20 December from 12 noon till 10pm. At the last exhibition the volunteers collected information on 55 photographs adding over 80 more names to the archives. This will be the last exhibition for a while as next year Baipip will be working on researching and recording history events but the photographs and archives will be available all year round for people to view by appointment. Any elderly or disabled person from the village who requires free escorted transport to the exhibition, please inform Gary. Telephone before the 16 December.


Methodist Church

Richard Baxendale will take the Sunday morning Service at 10.15am while in the evening a carol service will be led by Edwin Hambleton at 6pm. Mrs Ida Scott will present this week's flowers. Colin and Hilda Beale held a House Group meeting at their home on Monday. The girls brigade will meet next Monday at 7.15pm and will be led by Janet Baxendale while the Boys Brigade Juniors meet on Wednesdays at 6.30pm and are led by Mr and Mrs Edwin Hambleton.



In the Tuesday night Sam Smiths league Brierley Social club lost 4-3 at home to the Red Rum A team. Kevin Elvidge, Adrian Sheard and Joe Minnock won for Brierley. In the Barnsley Tuesday night league the Three Horse Shoes ladies team beat the Coach and Horses 3-2 at Home. Angela Loring, Joan Skeet and Lisa Ifam were the winning players.


Women's Fellowship

Mrs J Hepworth will be the guest speaker at the Women's Fellowship today (Wednesday), which will be held in the Methodist Chapel. Mrs Margaret Watson will be pianist.


Social Club

This weeks tote numbers were 24 and 31. It was a rollover for 160 and the winner was Johnny Leyland. This Sunday's artiste will be Ricky Storme. Forthcoming entertainment for the holiday period includes Christmas Eve, Kay Lewis; Christmas Day, Tony Ellesse and Boxing Day Lee Diamond. Mary Clarke won the Friday night quiz and the conundrum.


Father Christmas Tour

Brierley Town Council have asked Father Christmas to tour the village on Christmas Eve starting on the Regina Crescent estate at about 3.30pm handing out sweets to the children and mince pies and sherry for the adults. Rudolph will then work his way up Barnsley Road and onto the Hilltop Estate before going onto Cliff Lane and the Grange Road area. He will then make his way down Church Street and onto the Hillside Estate before Venturing down Common Road towards the North Homes and then the Park estate. Local Parish Councillors and volunteers will assist. It will take about 3 hours to tour the village. Father Christmas will also distribute seasonal hospitality to Coppins Residential Home and Burntwood Nursing Home.  


Forthcoming events and meetings.



A Christmas party will be held in Grange House on Friday 15 December.


Kids Christmas party

The ladies section of Brierley Social club will hold a kids Christmas party on Saturday 16 December.


Coppins Christmas Tea

The residents of the Coppins Residential home will visit Brierley Social club on Sunday 17 December for their Christmas tea.


Brierley Village Partnership

Will hold a progress meeting at Brierley Hall on the 19 December.  

Local news stories index page

Sponsored Walk

Paula Williams, Joan Gomersall and 10 children joined committee members of the ladies section of the Social club Janet Woolands and Tracy Molics, in a sponsored walk around Brierley Grimethorpe and Shafton on Sunday. The event raised 120 towards the children's Christmas Party.



Residents on the Hillside estate are invited to attend the annual general meeting of the Tara in the Tara offices tomorrow night (Thursday) at 6pm. The association hopes to form a new committee. Joan Gains the leader of the Federation of Tenants associations will attend the meeting.



At the Christmas Fayre held recently at Coppins residential home, 150 was raised towards the resident's Christmas activities. Some of the Prize-winners were, T King, Sid Armitage, J Wilson, Brian Edwards, R Armitage, Pat Homer, Mrs Hambleton, J Flavell, Mary Flavell, May Flavell, Ada Armitage and J Oxley. All the raffle prizes where claimed. Tonight (Wednesday) a carol service led by Pastor Joy Gascoigne will be held in the home. The residents will be escorted to the Brierley Social club on Sunday night for their Christmas party.


Rods Christmas Party

A group of elderly Brierley residents will be joined with residents from Grimethorpe, Shafton and Cudworth for a Christmas party to be held in Cudworth Social club tonight (Wednesday), Phil Gary will provide the entertainment for the event which has been organised by Rod Phillips and Sandra Rowell.  



Baipip assisted Miss Charlotte Allen with her class of 7-year-olds in a history lesson and a tour of the old Brierley School on Church Street on Monday. Miss Allen is teaching her pupils the history of education in Brierley. Forthcoming events at the school include a church service for the pupils on Tuesday. The end of term service for Parents will be on the 15 and 19 December. There will be a Christingle service for the children on Monday 18. The Junior Christmas party will be held on this coming Wednesday while the infants will hold their party next Thursday. There will also be a trip to the pantomime at the Lyceum Theatre on Wednesday night.  


Kids Xmas Party

The ladies section of the social club will hold a Christmas party disco this Saturday afternoon from 12 till 4pm for members children. Each child will receive 5 and a selection box from Father Christmas. Entrance is free for member's children and 50p for non-members. Stay Warm fuels have kindly donated 60 to pay for the afternoon's entertainment.


Village Partnership

Acting members and officers of the Brierley Village Community Partnership will hold a progress meeting in Brierley Hall next Tuesday night.  


Hillside Tara

Instead of the Christmas tea as originally planned, the elderly residents over 60 from the Hillside Estate will now receive Christmas gifts from the Tara committee.


Best Decorations

Brierley Town Council are offering a cash prize for the 'Best Christmas decorated house' in Brierley. Town Council Mayor Councillor Chris Sykes will judge the appearance of decorated houses as they are seen from the outside/street view. A Christmas tree will be lit at Brierley Hall.  


Grange House

Herbert Vamplew won the Thursday night raffle at the Social evening in Grange House, while Mrs Savage won both the Monday and Friday night raffle. All three groups will join together on Friday night at 6pm for a Christmas Party. There will be a Christmas coffee morning in the house on Tuesday morning at 10.30.