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Introducing the work of Brierley and its people in photographs (Baipip)

Brierley is a small village near Barnsley in South Yorkshire England

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Facts about Brierley index page


10 Facts about Brierley and its people

Most of this information has been obtained from The History of Brierley

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A windmill once stood at the top of Brierley Hill between Grimethorpe and Brierley. This is where Windmill Avenue (Grimethorpe) got its name.


In 1835, the Hull to Barnsley railway line was opened. A 685 yard long tunnel was built at Brierley and there was also a junction at Frickley Bridge Lane. The waste from the tunnel was known locally as "The Cow Mounts".


Brierley Colliery was opened in 1912.


On January 31st 1947, mining ceased at Brierley Colliery and it became a training centre.


Around 1958, work began on building the Hillside estate with the first residents moving into their new homes around 1959.Some of the first residents were the Sheards, Ralph's, Mangham's, Savages and the Harman's. Gordon and Joan Brown are the only remaining couple to still live in their home from new (December 2005), although Christine Mangham still lives in the property that  her late parent's Ernest and Dot moved into from new. Christine would have been born not long  after her parent's moved in.


At Christmas time  1955, Mrs Jan Webb was presented with a  huge Christmas cracker by Janet Edson after opening the Brierley Church Institute Bazaar.


In 1926 the Park estate was built.


In 1874, Lindley House became the home of the Rev Godfrey Piggot Cordeux after he married Sarah Hoyland


Brierley Methodist Church used to be a working men's club.


Although the date is not very clear, there is evidence that an attempt was made to build a racecourse on Brierley common. Evidence of the track could be clearly seen in the 1930s. Training stables were built at a farm in Clayton Lane near to the proposed track.

Facts about Brierley index page